Yoga Design Lab Infinity Yoga Mat - Mandala Aqua

Dhs. 449.00

Experience the ideal blend of high-performance grip and luxury performance with our most versatile yoga mat. This anti-slip platform provides excellent grip in any condition, and features our proprietary sleek and uniquely textured design.

Open-cell PU top layer offers incredible grip and ultra-quick moisture absorption - no towel needed.

Slightly springy, all-natural rubber base provides protection for joints and an excellent foundation for poses - no break-in time needed.

Unique, laser-cut design is tonal and sophisticated, while the symmetrical placement helps with alignment and focus.

Earth Conscious:

  • Base layer made with natural, non-Amazonian harvested tree rubber
  • Phthalate, silicone, and toxin-fee


  • 71" (180cm) Long x 24" (61cm) Wide
  • 5mm thick = 6.2lbs. (2.8kg)
  • 3mm thick = 4.2lbs. (1.9kg)

Includes carrying strap

Origin: USA

Care Instructions: Wipe down your mat with a soft towel dampened with soap and water. Allow to fully air dry, laying flat or hanging. Roll with the colored/design side on the outside.

To avoid potential staining, refrain from using body lotions, creams, and oils prior to use.

About Yoga Design Lab:

The idea for Yoga Design Lab started on a vacation in Bali. Looking around, our founder, Chad Turner, saw a sea of unoriginal, massed produced, solid colored yoga mats. His thinking: There must be a way of creating a highly functional product that was also aesthetically beautiful. The inspiration grew and our journey began. By blending fashion-forward design elements with innovative functionality and bio-renewable consciousness, the LIVE BEAUTIFUL Yoga Design Lab approach was born.