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Vicky's Vegan Labneh


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A finger licking dip that we all absolutely loved growing up and since shifting to a plant based lifestyle and never thought we would taste it again, until Vicky's talented team replicated a vegan version for us!
Ingredients: Activated Cashews, Activated Almonds, Rice, extra virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt.

About Vicky's Vegan: Vicky’s started at home in Beirut.

It was named after their rescued dog who inspired them to see the similarities between all souls/beings from chickens, to dogs, to cows, fishes… The idea came to create a vegan version of the most consumed dairy products in Lebanon in order to help people switch or decrease their animal consumption easily. The wide variety of vegan alternatives products are hand-made with care and love and are 100% plant based with 0% preservatives, additives or flavours, mainly made from almonds or cashews.