The Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush

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Natural soft bristles gently exfoliate and boost the lymphatic system. Skin brushing is a great way to shed dead skin, improve circulation and eliminate cellulite.

Use very gently on dry skin with a few drops of body oil, moving up from the feet in clockwise circular movements, working your way up the body. Always move towards the heart to help the blood flow in the correct way.

About The Organic Pharmacy:

The Organic Pharmacy is based on homeopathic and herbal medicine using cutting-edge research, organic certified ingredients and high tech natural extracts, at pharmaceutical grade and dosage, for exceptional performance and modern textures since 2002. All products are free from artificial colorants, fragrances, petrochemicals and preservatives, with no testing on animals and a respect for the environment and fair trade. Our products are produced in small batches and hand blended in our own factory in London where we can ensure complete traceability and quality.