Skin Gourmet Hibiscus and Tea Tree Scrub


This is a great polishing scrub that has all the astringent properties of Tea Tree Oil. Made with White Sugar, Wild Northern Honey, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil. Simple yet very effective.

Ingredients: sucrose, hibiscus sabdariffa, cocos nucifera oil, adansonia, digitata seed oil, honey, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil.

Usage: Wet your face. Use a preserving spoon. Scoop up a dollop. Apply in a circular motion on face and body. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse.

Info: For oily to normal skin. Plant life at it's finest. Sustainably sourced. Store in a cool place away from heat and light.  

About Skin Gourmet:

When we say “So Pure You Can Eat It”, We Mean It! 

That means no preservatives, no parabens, no emollients, absolutely no chemicals and no ingredients you can’t pronounce. Just as you will not put your fingers in food you would like to preserve, try not to put your fingers in our cosmetics in order to extend its shelf life.