Skin Gourmet Detoxifying Clay Mask

Skin Gourmet Detoxifying Clay Mask

Skin Gourmet

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Our gourmet clay comes from the Northern region of Ghana from deep underneath termite and ant mounds. Our clay is harvested from nutrient-rich soil.  The clay once harvested is sun-dried and finely ground by hand (we do this so that the clay will better exfoliate skin gently). Clay is great for the skin and hair because it tightens, firms and rejuvenates naturally. Our clay has been used for healing wounds and to soothe skin. The color of each batch of clay may differ because we harvest the mounds sustain-ably and that means we cannot harvest a mound more than twice a year. Sourced from the wild and edible.

About Skin Gourmet:

When we say “So Pure You Can Eat It”, We Mean It! 

That means no preservatives, no parabens, no emollients, absolutely no chemicals and no ingredients you can’t pronounce. Just as you will not put your fingers in food you would like to preserve, try not to put your fingers in our cosmetics in order to extend its shelf life.