Potion Kitchen Rosehip Geranium Facial Serum


Fed up with un-natural cosmetics? You should give a try to the Rosehip facial
serum which has face rejuvenating benefits and solves almost every skin problem. It contains omega-6 essential fatty acids and vitamins A and C, which work to increase cell turnover. Its high concentrations of linoleic acid may also help acneic skin. This is best for uneven pigment, scars, fine lines, and acne-prone skin. Suitable for all skin types, this serum is topped with the sweet-smelling uplifting
Geranium pure essential oil that is known as a skin enhancer for its antiaging &
inflammatory proprieties.

Ingredients: Rosa canina fruit oil, Pelargonuim graveolns flower oil, Alpha tocopheryl oil.

Origin: Lebanon 

Using Advice: Apply one or two drops of the serum on each side of a freshly cleansed face. Gently tap the serum on the cheeks, chin, and forehead for a few moments to help your skin absorb them. Store in a cool dark place.

Values: Paraben-Free, Natural, Cruelty-Free. 

About Potion Kitchen:

Potion Kitchen is an urban retreat where chemists design holistic cosmetics for both men & women using superfoods & plant-based ingredients. Along with strong beliefs in the powers of nature's elements, we got inspired to design a green beauty line which aims to bring glow & well-being. Thus we commit to embracing simplicity & openness while handcrafting clean products free of chemicals. We live in Beirut, a vibrant magical city and our main purpose is to bring nature back to our daily life.