Organyc Baby Cotton Squares


Brand Organyc

Organ(y)c squares made of 100% organic cotton are indicated for cleaning baby’s sensitive skin. The embossed side allows a gentle but deep cleansing. To be used with baby oil or water. Packaging made with renewable raw materials. 

Storage: keep the product away from light and store it in a dry place not above 30C. Keep the packaging away from infants and children in order to avoid danger of suffocation. Keep away from open flames. 

About Organyc:

Organyc products are made in Italy. They use 100% certified organic cotton. Their products do not contain any perfumes, colorants, synthetic materials or superabsorbent polymers. Organyc products are clinically and dermatologically tested. Organ(y)c brand products have been certified by the ICEA, Italy, and the SOIL