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Najel Organic Cactus Seed Oil


Brand Najel

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Anti-Wrinkle Care for Mature Skin. A naturally rejuvenating substance and a veritable, natural oil of youth, Cactus Seed Oil is renowned for its anti-aging effect. Extremely rich in both vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it combats drying out and aging of the skin due to its ability to nourish and tone. It is used in night cream for the face, in restorer for the body and hair and in serum for nails.

About Najel:

Najel specializes entirely in natural cosmetic products made with olive oil and bay laurel oil. The brand provides beauty treatments for the whole body, including Aleppo Soap, made using traditional craftsmanship in the city of Aleppo in Northern Syria. The brand, Najel, originates from a sharing of knowledge that is reflected in our natural, wholesome cosmetics.