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Nabat Oat Flakes - Gluten Free


Brand Nabat

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Ingredients: Oat Flakes Gluten Free

Benefits:  Oats are one of the most nutritious cereals, a natural remedy used in treating many afflictions. Oat is a cereal that does not contain salt or cholesterol. It is rich in hydro soluble fibers, vitamins B1, B2, D1 minerals, carbon hydrants, lecithin, nucleic acids, enzymes and a hormone similar to folliculin. Oat flakes give the sensation of fullness, and are recommended in diets based on weight loss.

About Nabat:

Nabat Organic, certified by IMC, is the leading Non-GMO certified organic food and ingredients provider. Nabat aims to provide premium organic and macrobiotic products for a healthier lifestyle.