Mymoune Dates stuffed with Almonds in Syrup

Mymoune Dates stuffed with Almonds in Syrup


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All natural ingredients.

Whole or large chunks of fruits in syrup make a wonderful dessert or topping for cakes and puddings. They also pair nicely with a wide range of cheese.

About Mymoune:

At the foot of Lebanon’s Mount Sannine rests the picturesque village of Ain El Kabou. This is where we harvest our all-natural specialties, such as jams, preserves, seasonings, flower waters, and other products made with love, the traditional Lebanese way.

The lushness of the Lebanese soil, paired with the cooperative Mediterranean weather, bears exceptional fruits rich in color and flavor. All of our ingredients are handpicked and individually selected for the best possible taste – a process which has earned Mymoune a reputation for unparalleled quality over the years