Little Melly Solids, Penne Bolognese


We have our baby's star items, but we also have our mommy's star items, and this is one of them! Bolognese pasta always lights up mum's face because baby simply devours it!
Halal, Grass-Fed Meat. 

Ingredients: Wholegrain penne, tomato, halal beef, onion

Values: Lactose Free, Sugar Free, Organic, No Preservatives, No Coloring, No Added Flavors, Salt Free, No Additives

Shelf Life: One month (keep in fridge at all times)

Age: 9months+

About Little Melly:

Hi! I'm Jennifer, a Lebanese mom who believes that every baby should receive optimal nutrition, especially during their first two years. Because of my desire to share healthy food with other babies, I created Little Melly: baby food close to home-cooking for ages 6-18 months. Enjoy fresh & healthy food delivered to you!