Le Biberon Français Set 3 Baby Bottles Liberté Egalité Fraternité


Set of 3 baby bottles and a matching bib. Biberon Français embroidered bibs are doubled cotton for greater absorption and extra soft feel for baby's face.

All Biberon Français products are 100% made in France with 100% Tritan which is what gives them their unique transparency. All teats are 100% pure silicone.

The 360 ​​ml bottle and one of the 210ml are equipped with a teat size M recommended for babies over 6 months old. The second 210 ml baby is equipped with a teat size S perfectly suitable for use from birth. This tested and patented anti-colic valve allows your child a comfortable suction without any effort that fits baby's natural sucking rhythm. 

Ingredients: 100% Tritan, 100% Pure Silicone.

Origin: France

Using Advice:

Easy Cleaning: before first use, dive the product into boiling water and leave it there for 5 min. For later use, clean the bottle(s) and teat(s) thoroughly. Wash and rinse. Carefully wash all items with hot water and some washing-up liquid.

To assemble a bottle: start by inserting the teat into the ring and please check that it is adherent, then it is enough to tighten the ring with the teat in it on the body of the bottle, tightening must be firm but not excessive. For the 13 Oz bottles do not forget to use the reduction ring flat face up, before tightening the ring.

Values: Eco-Friendly. 

About Le Biberon Français: 

Great, safe products, 100% Made In France.
Their philosophy: no concessions made regarding any aspect of their products: impeccable from conception until the day of recycling. Their products are 100% made in France which guarantees not only their quality but also traceability. 
Their bottles are made with 100% Tritan which gives transparency, lightness, and sturdiness. Additionally, they are naturally BPA free.