Khan Al Saboun Organic Hair Nourishment Oil

Dhs. 120.00
Expiry date: 2023/11/26

Our certified organic hair nourishment oil is a combination of 100% organic extracts and oils that make it a rich formula to transform your damaged hair into lustrous hair. This oil regenerates hair and stimulates its growth, and is first-class in repairing the hair fiber by providing natural proteins to the hair, boosting scalp circulation, moisturizing, and conditioning the hair.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sage Oil, Rosemary Oil, Nigella Oil, Lauryl Extract, Sesame Oil, Wheat oil, Grape Seed Oil, Flax Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Shikakai Leaf Extract, Amrita Leaf Extract, Amla Leaf Extract.

Origin: Lebanon

Values: Organic, Natural, Vegan, Paraben-Free, Pet Cruelty-Free, Chemical-Free, Preservative-Free

How to Use: Best used twice a week, it is suitable for all hair types with both men and women, and gentle on color-treated hair. Apply a spoonful to your clean hair, and massage evenly with your fingertips, working from the roots to the tips until the scalp absorbs the oil completely. For optimum results, cover your hair with a hot towel and leave it for 3 hours or overnight, then wash your hair. It is also highly recommended to newborns who suffer from empty hair gaps on the head.

Storage Tips: Keep away from heat.

About Khan Al Saboun:

We use traditional Lebanese ingredients to handcraft 100% natural, plant-based organic soaps and oils. Our products are made following secret recipes from Dr. Bader Hassoun’s laboratories, and use only pure essential oils and organic herbs harvested from our eco-friendly village. We follow traditional methods of soap-making that retain the nurturing benefits of the ingredients.

Expiry date: 2023/11/26