Keess Reusable Bags - 5 Designs

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Brand Keess
Each bag combats plastic in two very important ways:
First, in the simple fact that it is reusable, it helps in stopping single-use plastic bags from ending up in our overflowing trash landfills, rivers, seas and eventually in our fish and food! Second, 10% of proceeds go towards installing appropriate water filtration systems in schools and households across Lebanon. 

Material: Bags are made of recycled plastic material (polyester), or 100% cotton. Can be wiped or washed (we recommend cold wash).
About Keess:
Founded by two women trying to help reduce single-use plastic in Lebanon. Keess® is a Lebanese designed fashion-conscious reusable shopping bag, aiming at reducing single-use plastic bags in Lebanon. Keess appeals to the fashion and function conscious Lebanese community while raising awareness on the matter.