Jardin Bio Tagliatelles Curcuma Citron


Jardin BiO has created a tasty recipe with turmeric and lemon for the pleasure of discovering new culinary sensations.

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina *, turmeric powder * 1.5%, lemon essential oil *, egg powder *.

 * Products from organic farming

Usage Advice: Dip the pasta in slightly salted boiling water (about 1L of water per 100g of dry pasta). Cook for 8 minutes while stirring, drain. Ideal with fish, seafood or white meat.

Origin: Made in France 

About Jardin Bio:

Jardin Bio is a brand of the LÉA NATURE group, located in Périgny, France. It aims to offer healthy and accessible organic food products for everyone, by committing to the construction of quality channels and setting up partnerships with regional producers. The brand offers a variety of products to accompany you throughout the whole day, from breakfast to lunch to the preparations of your meals!