Jardin Bio Slimming Aid Infusion


The meadow-sweet and the ash, plants known for their power of elimination, are useful in the cases of water retention. Pleasantly flavored, this infusion is a precious ally to help regain an attractive silhouette.

Ingredients: Meadowsweet * (Spiraea ulmaria) 43%, ash * (Fraxinus excelsior), blueberry * (Vaccinium myrtillus) 26%, natural flavor.

* Products from organic farming

Directions: Leave to infuse for 10 min. in the boiled water. In order to fully benefit from the effectiveness of this infusion, consume 3 to 4 cups per day, preferably unsweetened. This infusion can also be drunk cold.

Origin: Made in France.

About Jardin Bio:

Jardin Bio is a brand of the LÉA NATURE group, located in Périgny, France. It aims to offer healthy and accessible organic food products for everyone, by committing to the construction of quality channels and setting up partnerships with regional producers. The brand offers a variety of products to accompany you throughout the whole day, from breakfast to lunch to the preparations of your meals!