Immunity Boosting Bundle

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Your immune system is the most important thing to protect at any time and especially now. The Immunity Boosting Bundle includes:

- Sip Of Nature Moringa
4 times more vitamin A than carrots
4 times more calcium than milk
7 times more vitamin C than orange
3 times more potassium than banana
3 times more iron than spinach

- GreenCBD Green Shield
SHIELD gives you high-dosage Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes and powerful Icelandic-Sourced Beta-Glucans that have been studied for their ability to assist your immune cells to work even harder for you.

- Shaman's Turmeric Latte
A balanced blend of spices based on the ancient Indian Ayurvedic golden milk! Produced following scientific methods to maintain the maximum absorption of antioxidants.

- Biopret Yogi Tea
Organic Herbal Tea with cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. This tea strengthens your immune system, detoxifies the body and reduces fatigue.

- Biopret Moringa Ginger Tea
Purifying and energizing organic herbal tea.