DoddleBags DoddleSpoon Attachment Pack

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Perfect for mums and dads striving for efficiency, these reusable DoddleSpoon attachments paired with DoddleBags are a must-have in your baby bag! They are great for weaning and feeding your baby on-the-go. These spoon attachments are clear so you can ensure that they are always squeaky clean when reusing them. They are dishwasher and hot water safe and can be hot or cold sterilized.

Make your life a doddle by simply screwing these easy-to-use spoon attachments to your DoddleBags and feed your baby straight from the pouch. Say goodbye to carrying around bulky containers!

  • Made from Food-Safe Plastic
  • Dishwasher & Hot Water Safe
  • Can Be Hot or Cold Sterilized

What’s Included?

  • 2 x DoddleSpoons – Clear, So You Can See that They Are Clean
  • 1 DoddleCase – To Keep Your Spoons Safe & Tidy
  • A Pipe Cleaner – To Help Keep Your Spoons Clean

*Please note that this pack does not include DoddleBags*

Origin: United Kingdom

Values: Reusable, Recyclable, BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, PVC-Free, Dishwasher Safe

How to Use: Simply screw the spoon onto the DoddleBag's spout, and squeeze the liquid through the hole in the spoon for a mess-free meal.

About DoddleBags:

As a mom and working architect, Nadine was often in a rush. She invented DoddlgeBags to feed her baby Lilly on the go. DoddleBags are thoughtfully designed reusable food and travel pouches perfect for babies and adults, artists, and adventurers!