Biolicious Hazelnut Wafers
Biolicious Hazelnut Wafers

Biolicious Hazelnut Wafers


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With 66% nuts and seeds and 0% added sugars (lightly sweetened with dates) - Biolicious wafers hit the sweet spot yet keeps off the energy slump!

Walnuts, hazelnuts and flax seeds as well as cacao deliver a generous supply of protein, fiber and plant-based omega 3. Free from starches, trans-fats and pro-inflammatory oils, these wafers do not contain preservatives or additives. They are also free from the top allergens: grains, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, yeast, eggs.

“Food Matters’ Most Innovative Natural and Organic Product Nominee"


About Biolicious:

Biolicious is a range of delightfully delicious, certified organic, wholesome and healthy gluten-free foods, packed with nutrients and flavor.

Biolicious is at the forefront of the healthy food and snack revolution, believing that no one should compromise on the quality or taste of their food, especially if they suffer from a food sensitivity or intolerance.

Biolicious products are all made from best, certified organic, all natural and clean raw material. The list of ingredients is limited to activated nuts and seeds, lots of vegetables, a little bit of fruit, and loads of super healthy herbs & spices.

All products are dehydrated at very low temperatures to keep the goodness of the ingredients alive and available.