Biolicious Carrot and Wild Thyme Flower Crackers


First, these raw carrot-based crackers include unique insoluble fiber that draws excess estrogen out of the body and restores harmony to our system. In addition, they include falcarinol, which sweeps toxins from our gut and protects us from fungal diseases.

Second, antioxidants unique to carrots carry anti-inflammatory properties and keep our brain, heart and eyesight happy while boosting liver detoxification capacities.

Third, Lignans (a plant compound found in flaxseeds and sesame seeds) further complement the cracker’s hormone-balancing benefits.

Ingredients: Carrot**, Flaxseed*, Wild Thyme Flower*, Whole Brown Sesame Seed*, Pink Himalayan Salt.

*From organic source.

**Contains 80% raw vegetables. 

Origin: Lebanon

Allergen Advice: Contains sesame and may contain nut traces. 

Using Advice: To enjoy these crackers crisp& fresh store them in an air-tight container. 

Values: Gluten-Free, Organic, Raw, Grains Free, Wheat Free, Yeast Free, Soy Free, Corn Free, Trans Fats Free, No Additives.

About Biolicious:

Biolicious is a range of delightfully delicious, certified organic, wholesome and healthy gluten-free foods, packed with nutrients and flavor.

Biolicious is at the forefront of the healthy food and snack revolution, believing that no one should compromise on the quality or taste of their food, especially if they suffer from a food sensitivity or intolerance.

Biolicious products are all made from best, certified organic, all-natural and clean raw material. The list of ingredients is limited to activated nuts and seeds, lots of vegetables, a little bit of fruit, and loads of super healthy herbs & spices.

All products are dehydrated at very low temperatures to keep the goodness of the ingredients alive and available.