Ayadina Homemade Basil


Basil can be used in herb rubs for meats or added to soups and sauces for added depth. Commonly found in Italian recipes including tomato-based pasta sauces, bean soup and herb-roasted chicken. Basil can even be used in sweets such as ice-creams, and chocolate cake!

Ingredients: Basil

Values: High Vitamin K, No Preservatives, Chemicals Free, No Artificial Flavoring, Vegan

About Ayadina Homemade:

At Ayadina; we pride ourselves on upholding our Mediterranean traditions with our range of specialty food products being produced since 1996 using our Lebanese family recipes. Today Ayadina offers the highest quality and largest variety of homemade products in the market. We only use locally grown vegetables, fresh and dried herbs and the best of vinegars for our different kinds of all-natural products which are processed without preservatives, chemicals or artificial flavorings. We make them just like Grandma used to make hers; and the only ingredient not listed on the label is flavor. And we put lots of it.