Safa Al Madanat
Safa started her journey with Keto from a personal experience. She wanted to continue enjoying Middle Eastern Food but without the extra Carbs, Calories and harmful oils. She looked for Healthy Keto Arabic choices in Dubai but could not find any. 
She studied the science of Keto Food and the impact it has on the human body and its organs. After a thorough understanding of the Ketogenic Process, she started to develop her own arabic recipes. Starting from Falafel and Kibbeh, Keto Bread to Stuffed Zucchini and Musakhan, to Cinnamon Rolls and many others. She followed her own Keto diet with her developed dishes and lost 14 Kgs in three months and had excellent Medical and Blood test results afterwards.
Safa decided to share her personal experience with everyone else. So, in April 2020, she launched her brand; Mom it Keto Go in Dubai with an extensive Keto Arabic menu for the first time in UAE. The brand had excellent demand and great feedback from Dubai residents. In July 2020, she expanded her Keto brand to all of UAE delivering to the seven Emirates.
Safa loves showing the UAE how yummy and satisfying the keto diet can be. Her motto is, ``Mother is a Verb!`` Her satisfaction comes from the ability to put a smile on people's face after taking the first bite, after sharing their good experience with friends and after seeing a transformation in her followers' body and health.