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Raja'a Chahine

Holistic Health Coach , I help people discover how to fuel their body, how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to become the happiest version of themselves! 

My healthy journey started after I gave birth to KIANA, before that I had an extremely unhealthy lifestyle!! I wanted to raise a healthy, happy child, so I changed my whole lifestyle and I became a holistic Health Coach to be able to help others as well! 

Blog posts

Tips For Eating Well On A Budget by Raja’a Chahine

A nutritious diet does not necessarily have to be expensive to be healthy. With a little bit of planning and mindful shopping, you can easily save money while enjoying your favorite nourishing foods. Health expert Rajaa Chahine will help you carefully navigate through your shopping list so you can stay on budget while staying in top health!

August 4, 2021 Raja'a Chahine

Healthy Pantry Makeover By Raja Chahine

The first step in your health journey starts at home. A healthy, stocked pantry can solve a meal challenge in a flash. Health expert Rajaa Chahine will teach you how to makeover your pantry to suit your health goals and to make easy and nutritious meals. Here’s how to shift from processed to whole foods!

July 15, 2021 Rajaa' Chahine