Wedderspoon Manuka Multifloral KFactor 12 Honey


Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties are what set it apart from traditional honey. Produced by bees feeding on the nectar of the Manuka bush found on New Zealand’s North and South Islands, Manuka honey is one of nature’s most complex creations. It has multi uses including adding it in:

  • In-home health remedies and wellness tonics
  • DIY face masks
  • Pre-workout natural energy 
  • Breakfast and recipes

A strict authentication system guarantee 65% of the pollen grains are specific to the Makuna plant, prized for its naturally occurring live enzymes.

Ingredients: Raw multi floral manuka honey

About Wedderspoon:

At Wedderspoon, we bring you the finest in raw and natural honey products because we know quality and authenticity matter. We guarantee:

  • High Manuka pollen count
  • Smooth, creamy, unpasteurized, unadulterated, great tasting Manuka honey
  • Each jar is traceable back to master beekeeper
  • BPA-free packaging