Kiss The Spoon Snix


Size: 2 pcs

The #1 nourishing indulgence you'll get addicted to! Never fails at satisfying your sweet tooth! Pair it with your favorite warm drink. 10 min at room temperature before eating

Ingredients:  dates, almonds, almond butter, maple syrup, peanuts, coconut oil, 70% vegan chocolate

About Kiss The Spoon:

Kissthespoon celebrates feel-good food! It was born out of the belief that food is not the enemy and can heal you from healthy challenges, in our case IBS. The foundation of everything we do at Kiss the spoon is to combine pleasure and nourishment in every spoon.

We like to be creative in how we marry together traditional simple ingredients and glorify them. We put lots of love, respect, balance and creativity in every spoon, that is only meant to make you feel better. We are also a cool community on Instagram and would be happy if you join! You are worth the feel-good!