Green CBD Atum


Brand GreenCBD

PAIN, ANXIETY AND STRESS RELIEF WITH 3,000MG OF CBD OIL  (3,000mg/bottle) has the potency to help with various types of pain including Neck Pain Relief, Sciatica Pain Relief, Anxiety Relief and Stress Relief.

With added Ashwagandha, Reishi and Lion’s Maine; ATUM has the perfect combination to boost cognitive function, lower anxiety, promote healthy sleep, and minimize the symptoms of schizophrenia, among others.

✔ PURE HEMP OIL: 3,000 mg CBD Oil in a 1oz 30mL dropper bottle | This natural flavored CBD hemp oil is made from the green hemp plant including the seeds, stalks, and more in order to attain all the best healthy nutrients of this medicinal plant in our innovative industrial hemp formula.

** The number below is the calculated CBD percentage, assuming 1ml of your liquid weighs 1 gram.

✔ VALUES: 100% Organic / Gluten-Free / Kosher / GMO-Free / Raw / Vegan / Peanut-Free / Dairy-Free / Soy-Free / Egg Free / THC-Free. 


For hundreds of years, people have used the roots and orange-red fruit of ashwagandha for medicinal purposes. The herb is also known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry.

The name “ashwagandha” describes the smell of its root, meaning “like a horse.” By definition, ashwa means horse.

Practitioners use this herb as a general tonic to boost energy and reduce stress and anxiety. Some also claim that the herb may be beneficial for certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, and anxiety.


Reishi mushrooms are best-known for their purported effects in boosting the immune system and helping fight off cancer. However, studies do not support the alleged benefits of reishi mushrooms.

About GreenCBD:
Enhance your daily wellness routine with the natural goodness of CBD. Our premium hemp-derived CBD oil formulas contain a full spectrum of beneficial phytocompounds, terpenes, and flavonoids, including cannabinoids CBD, and CBDa. Our dedicated team carefully crafts every step of the CBD production process, to ensure that every drop of oil you receive is the best quality. We create our CBD oil range under strict quality control to ensure you receive the highest quality extracts. Every drop is as close to nature as possible.