Salma Lebanese Liquid Olive Oil Soap


Brand Salma

Indulge your body with this cleansing and skin moisturizing fusion of Olive and Laurel Oil. Our new Liquid Soap will surround your skin with nothing but natural ingredients that were proven to have anti aging effect! The Laurel liquid soap is vegan and free from artificial coloring and chemical additives. Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. 

Usage: face, body and hair. 

Ingredients: Aqua(water) , Potassium Olivate (Extra virgin olive oil, extracted by first pressure) Potassium Laurate (Laurel oil, extracted by first pressure), Potassium Hydroxide 

About Salma:

The journey starts with the humble but mighty olive tree, dating back to more than 300 years, rooted on the southern hills of Lebanon, overlooking the Mediterranean area. Salma inspires natural beauty, ancestral wisdom and self care rituals passed down from generation using nothing but nature's own secret ingredient and recipes.