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Le Joyau D'Olive Gift Box Of 7 Soaps

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Since this is a gift box set, please specify in the notes on the cart page the seven soaps you would like to include in this gift box if different than the options provided.

This box is the perfect item to get introduced into the world of nature or invite others to try our products.

Our package is made of post-consumer recycled paper and our soaps are totally biodegradable. 

Value: Natural, Eco-Friendly, Made In Lebanon

About Le Joyau D'Olive:

Founded in 2018 out of a passion for nature, Le Joyau d'Olive stood out by it's high quality, handmade soap made out of cold pressed olives. The brand is based on ancestral know how of a soap making recipe, transmitted from generation to generation for over 200 years. Le Joyau d'Olive seeks to preserve this know how and offer it to the world a natural, biodegradable soap. This soap holds hydrating and exfoliating properties from oils released during the cold pressing process of olives. This soap is handmade in a workshop by master soap makers that preserved the family recipe.