Bumble Zest CALM & COMFORT – Chamomile, Lavender & Spirulina


A natural floral health shot drink with a lemon base infused with other botanical ingredients.

Ingredients: Water, Lemon Juice 21.1%, Maple Syrup 7.2%, Chamomile Extract 0.23%, Green Spirulina & Blue Spirulina Phycocyanin Powder 0.23%, Lavender Extract 0.15%, Himalayan Salt 0.15%, Natural Flavorings, Cinnamon Extract 0.06%, Mint Extract 0.06%

Usage: After a meal. In need of zen time. At bedtime. Once opened, consume within one day. Store in a cool dark place. 

About Bumble Zest: 

BumbleZest was born out of a Battersea kitchen, crafting recipes using natural ingredients from around the world. Each recipe is designed to help deal with the rigors of modern life and to taste great.