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Let’s have some pillow talk ;) 

For a total body workout, repeat each of the the below two circuits 3-4 times with minimal rest in between exercises and up to 1 min break after each round:

Circuit #1:

Ex 1: Isometric Squats x 15 reps (take 4 seconds to find your deepest squat and 4 seconds to come up without fully standing up)
Ex 2: Pillow Slams x 20 reps
Ex 3: Sumo Squat to Lunge x 15 reps (both sides count as one rep)
Ex 4: Table Top Bridge x 15 reps
Ex 5: High Knees x 30 reps (both legs count as one rep)

Circuit #2:

Ex 1: Elevated Crunches x 12 reps (every time the pillow reaches your knees it’s counted as one rep)
Ex 2: Boat Variation x 15 reps
Ex 3: Russian Twists with Pillow Trows x 15 reps (both sides count as one rep, you can go for regular Russian Twists for an easier option)
Ex 4: Stand-Up Sit-Ups x 10 reps (go for regular Sit-Ups for an easier option)

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June 18, 2021 — Mint Basil Market

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