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Clean Eating By Tia Maher

“Unclean” eating, definitely does not mean “unwashed”, that’s for certain. But what does it mean? The term “clean eating” has become very popular in the health community. It’s a diet pattern that focuses on fresh, whole foods. This lifestyle can be easy and enjoyable as long as you follow a few general guidelines.

Holistic health coach and Health expert, Tia Maher will give you her top three tips of clean eating to help you eat better, increase your energy, get rid of those headaches, and peripheral issues going on that are caused by unclean eating. Let’s define clean eating first! 

What is clean eating?

As we mentioned, clean eating doesn’t have anything to do with food being clean or dirty.  It simply involves choosing minimally processed, real foods that provide maximal nutritional benefits. The idea is to consume foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Selecting ethical and sustainable foods is also a part of clean eating. 

It's all about eating more of the best and healthiest options in each of the food groups and eating less of the not-so-healthy ones. That means embracing whole foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, plus healthy proteins and fats. It also means cutting back on refined grains, additives, preservatives, unhealthy fats, and large amounts of added sugar and salt. And avoiding highly refined foods with ingredients you'd need a lab technician to help you pronounce.

Some diets call for the elimination of many food groups, such as coffee, dairy products, cereals, and more. You should not be so restrictive. Not only will it take away some of the enjoyment of eating, but there's also not much science to back up the benefits. You need to find a clean eating style that suits you, even if that sometimes means eating something "dirty." Taking just a few steps toward a cleaner diet, such as cutting back on processed foods or eating more fruits and vegetables (and, if it works for you, buying some more organic ones) can still have implications for your health. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Top Tip #1 - Eat organic as much as possible.

Organic farmers use natural pesticides and avoid man-made ones, so some people say organic produce is the best way to eat clean. It’s up to you to decide how important it is to your diet. You can also shop at your local farmers’ market to find out what kinds of pesticides the vendors use.

Organic eating is not incredibly cost-effective, but Tia recommends you look up “the dirty dozen” - which is a list ranking the 12 top produce items that contain the most pesticide residues - so you can replace these ones with organic produce to avoid overloading your liver and seepage of chemicals into the body. 

Top Tip #2 - Read the labels. 

Although clean eating is based on whole, fresh foods, certain types of packaged foods can be included, such as packaged vegetables, nuts, and meat. However, it’s important to read labels to make sure there aren’t any preservatives, added sugars, or unhealthy fats. Ingredients listed on the food label should mostly be foods that you recognize, such as whole-grain steel-cut oats, dried apple, flaxseed, and cinnamon. Limit ingredients that you can't identify or can't easily pronounce.

Top Tip #3 - Prepare more food at home.

Eat at home more often and prepare food in healthy ways. Pack food to eat away from home when on the road, at work, or at activities. When you do eat out, choose wisely. You can never know exactly what is being used in your food when you order takeout. You can start with simple meals to help you get into the habit, such as Greek yogurt and fresh berries for breakfast.

Clean eating is in essence a diet — just a way of eating. But it is also a way of living that lends itself to improving one's health and well-being. And thankfully, Mint Basil Market caters to all diets and preferences, so make sure to check out our clean food and beauty products on our website.

It’s a wrap on Tia’s top three tips to eat clean! 

If you have any questions or tips from your personal experiences, feel free to reach out to the Mint Basil Market team or comment below.

October 20, 2021 — Mint Basil Team

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