There is no remedy for these circumstances but therapy is a good place to start. One effective form of therapy is physical exercise so let’s give this a shot. Mira Hoss is sharing with you an Upper Body Workout (Back & Triceps & Core) that I had filmed right before the Beirut Blast when I was still full of energy. I hope that I’ll be able to contribute in at least 1% of your well being in these difficult times. 

All you need is:
-A chair
-A pair of heavy and light dumbbells, I’m using 5kg and 2kg (you can use water bottles instead)
-Disc sliders (you can use small towels instead)

*Repeat each circuit 3 times with minimal rest in between exercises and up to 1 min break after each round:

Circuit #1:

-Incline diamond push-ups x 15 reps
-Dumbbell wide rows x 12 reps
Followed by a one sided isometric hold & 8 reps on the other (repeat the 8 reps on the other side as well)
-Overhead triceps extension with a pulse x 12 reps
-Alternating superman x 10 Reps (right, left and middle count as one rep)
-Jumping jacks with lats contractions x 20 reps

Circuit #2:

-Core slide out to narrow push-up x 10
-Plank triceps kickback x 10 (on each side)
-Plank rows x 10 (alternating between right and left for one rep)
-Lat pullover with narrow press x 15 (using both heavy dumbbells together)
-Plank to knee tucks with plank jacks x15

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August 19, 2020 — Mint Basil Market
Tags: Fitness

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