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Check out Mint Basil's Wellness Trends for 2022. These are the topics that will be shaping our conversations and consumer behavior in the health and wellness industry this year.

1. Personalizing Your Nutrition

No one's health and nutrition needs are the same. This year, more people will move away from trend diets and more towards what works for their own individual needs.

2. Transparency around Ingredients

The pandemic has brought a new kind of awareness and desire for transparency around the products we are buying. Consumers care what is on the label and the credibility of the brands and products they are purchasing. New technologies, especially innovations in food blockchain will track the products from the farm to the "virtual shelf" so consumers know exactly what they are purchasing.

3. Addressing Trauma

The world is becoming more open about discussing trauma and mental health, reducing the stigma and leading to more options for people suffering a wide-range of mental health challenges. Whether addressing micro-traumas or big traumas, individuals will be able to find more customizable options and tools to support them.

4. Fertility for Women and Men

We are having more open conversations around fertility, especially around topics of miscarriage and egg-freezing. It's also time we include men in the conversation and acknowledge the stigma and challenges for both sexes, especially as more and more environmental factors are not only effecting female fertility by also leading to declining sperm count.

5. Food Waste and Sustainability

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reveals that global food waste costs up to $2.6 trillion annually, including $700 billion of environmental costs and $900 billion of social costs. It's estimated that in the Middle East we waste an average of 250 kg of food per capita each year, or about a third of food overall. The region also wastes up to 30 percent of its water and energy as a direct result of lost or wasted food. Experts estimate that about 34 percent of wastage is primarily driven by consumers. 2022 will show a rise in awareness towards how we as consumers can reduce our overall food waste.

January 06, 2022 — Mint Basil Market
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